Charisma+2’s staff between 2007-2016 listed below.



Yvonna Lynn, President and Founder

Yvonna Lynn, PresidentYvonna Lynn is proud to be on the Board for the IGDA Dallas chapter. She is a SAG-AFTRA actress and has been in over 40 films and modeled for 6 years in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Combining a passion for video games with a career in modeling and acting, Yvonna built the Charisma+2 agency. It is comprised solely of video gaming, cosplaying talent, who share her enthusiasm for Game MoCap, VO, and booth staffing. She has participated and organized gaming events at E3, GDC, PAX, and other large and small scale gaming events for 7 years. In 2014, Yvonna stepped away from the role of agent and booker to be Chairperson on the Board to still be involved, but also allow time for acting, modeling, and convention appearances. Since bookers now tend to accepting new talent instead of her, please go to if you are interested in becoming a Charisma+2 model.

The concept of this agency was unprecedented and has allowed girls (and guys) who game the opportunity to work for a multitude of game developers and clients. Her experiences in promotional modeling provided her with a mandate to be revolutionary in the field by treating the models with respect, ensuring equal opportunity, improving self esteem, and mentoring professionalism.

Yvonna’s direct and agency gaming credits include Doom (4), World of Tanks/Warships/Warplanes, Duke Nukem Forever, Halo: Reach, Rage, Fallout: New Vegas, Bioshock 2, Starcraft 2, Borderlands, QuakeLive, Nicktoons MLB, Nickelodeon Fit, New Carnival, The Haunted, Nocturne, Dragonball Z, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and several unannounced games. Yvonna Lynn’s Portfolio Page



Gina Lee, Community Manager

Having graduated with a BA in International Studies & a minor in communications, Gina not only maintains the social sites for our new C+2 Facebook and our C+2 Twitter with all the latest news about the models, contests, and events, she also helps the models and the C+2 friends with questions  in a variety of topics like games, charity work, fashion and cosplay a knowledgeable and compassionate way.

Gina also takes projects from start to finish, producing events such as the 24 hour League of Legends Charity Game Night benefitting Operation Supply Drop bringing in hundreds of thousands page views and thousands of dollars for the charity. Not only was she the primary hostess, she organized the logistics of every aspect from leadership to special guests and participants.

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C.J. Lassiter, Contributing Editor C+2 Magazine


Yvonna fell in love with C.J.’s smile the moment she glimpsed at her Facebook after C.J.’s application was received. Yvonna commented, “If I were a client, I’d hire this girl to promote my product”. In no time at all, other C+2 clients must have seen the same thing because she was hired for an ad, and then for 3 game con events.

C.J. took over as contributing editor of the magazine and we have enjoyed the results immensely. Please feel free to contact her if you have questions regarding the magazine at

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Roxanne, Stream and Private Dev Group Lead

RoxanneRoxanne had been involved in a number of online charity events for Operation Supply Drop for a few years when being promoted to her current position. Being responsible, timely in replies and appointments, and of course, charming while remaining professional, made Roxanne a great fit for being the lead moderator of a private social group comprised solely of  Charisma+2 models and game developers.

Her vast hours spent streaming personally and handling C+2 duties well made her an easy fit for being a Stream Lead, which began in Early 2013.  C+2 is updating her profile page with new materials, so until then, feel free to visit her Facebook page.



Mary Morgan, Official Charisma+2 Blogger

Mary Morgan, Official Charisma+2 Blogger
Mary was first introduced to Charisma+2 as a voice over actress. Yvonna (a game audio producer at the time) was breathtakingly impressed with Mary’s VO range and perfection. Unsure of where to place Mary initially, Yvonna quickly became as enamored with the hard working, newly converted tomboy. Mary’s superlative interviewing skills landed her the first choice pick when it comes to press coverage at conventions across the country. Mary is also the Official Charisma+2 Blogger. Yvonna’s favorite quote from anyone ever associated at the agency when Mary softly said,” Yvonna, everyone at the agency, no matter how gorgeous, is so so nice to me. I was not expecting that.” How could they not be? Mary is awesome.
Mary Morgan’s Portfolio Page




Jordan Konkel, Console FPS Master

Jordan Konkel, Xbox 360 FPS MasterJordan started with Charisma+2 in 2007 after sending in just some snap shots and an enthusiastic explanation of how much she loved games. Through the years when the requirements for being a Charisma+2 model grew more stringent, so did Jordan’s dedication to be her best. In 2010, Jordan rocked PAX Prime in the Halo Kat armor working for the 343 Industry devs and Microsoft. SHe was even spotted doing DanceCentral with the Bungie guys. She was so awesome in fact, that Microsoft flew her out to their company party for a repeat performance in front of thousands.

Aside from being an amazing model, Jordan obliterates in FPS games logging in hundreds of hours on just about every game out there, so if you are applying to Charisma+2, you had best be up front about your skill level. You don’t have to be a pro-level player, but you have to be hinest so we can represent you accurately to the clients. Jordan “SavageGiggles” on the PS3 and “Savage Giggles” on the Xbox 360, will be there to test you out on your favorite game(s). So be prepared! As you apply, friend request her with a message saying you are a C+2 applicant. She will take it from there 🙂 Frag em Hard, Jordan! Jondan Konkel’s Portfolio Page