Charisma+2 (Charisma Plus 2, LLC) is a Limited Liability Company involved in various game and cosplay related activities.

From 2007-2016, the Charisma+2 agency was comprised solely of gamer and cosplay booth staff who enthusiastically represented gaming products with the knowledge, experience, and energy it deserves.

Keeping the friendships and focus on supporting without judgment and loving with compassion, the Charisma+2 Community was formed Holiday Season 2016! 

The agency which closed Mid Nov 2016 was composed of highly skilled and outgoing gamer models that engage your event and trade show clients in an educated and articulate yet fun and vivacious manner, leaving your customers with an enduring and unique impression of your product or brand.

C+2 models have an average of 13 years of gaming experience across different genres and platforms. This level of technological immersion allows C+2 guys and girls to provide unique and memorable brand impressions while attracting new customers to your booth or display.

Charisma+2’s tech-savvy gamer models can provide a wide range of product presentation support. The C+2 talent can assist with or entirely drive sales messaging for your product. Thanks to their up-to-the-minute experience with the latest cutting edge technology, Charisma+2 models can easily and quickly learn all the aspects of your hardware, software or service to easily and intelligently engage the media and represent your product in the best possible light.

With talent all over the world, C+2 has the unique ability to place local gamers with promotional modeling events in your area including international functions. Charisma+2 is also completely flexible with regards to preferred talent. If a particular model suits your specific event or function, you will be free to provide travel and other logistical arrangements to ensure her appearance at your venue.

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