Up until November 2016, Charisma+2 stayed booked for almost every gaming event in the country. Even having bookings pre-scheduled for 2017, Yvonna decided to close on a high note and get out from behind the owner’s desk having enjoyed getting more hands-on in the industry during 2016.

PAX West 2016

We are often so busy working, we have a hard time keeping up with letting everyone know about what is the latest news. Please check out our social pages on Facebook and Twitter and Like us! We posts a great deal about the games currently grabbing our attention there as well. For now, here are some of the Charisma+2 guys and girls working PAX West 2016

Once the amazing people at Wargaming gathered up some of our Charisma+2 guys and girls for a fun time of “Crushing It” at PAX West… even getting a geofilter on Instagram 🙂


Cosplaying for the Bandai Namco booth is Gina looking fabulous as always














Repping Bioware is the ever so adorable Katarina

















And also at PAX West 2016 was Yvonna and Natalie for DXracer


So with that, let us say that we have events already being set up for the Fall and Winter. If you think this might sound like something you, as a gamer, might be interested in doing- head on over to the Apply Tab. It is a tad involved by design! It is actually part of our elimination process. So stick with it and fill it all out because we would love to increase our roster with awesome people like you!