Todd Hollenshead, CEO id software

“Yvonna is a great asset to any project. She always approaches each day with the most passion and enthusiasm of anyone I’ve ever worked with. She always does her best to exceed expectations. She has an excellent understanding of video games and is a true fan of the medium, playing tons of games and enjoying doing it. She’s talented in front of the camera or just with a microphone, can think on her feet, and is an excellent impromptu speaker.”
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative


Karl Unterholzner, 2Kgames

“We have worked with Charisma +2 on several occasions and were very impressed with their presentation and the punctuality of the models. They were also quite knowledgeable about video games. Charisma +2 has been an incredible asset for us at E3, and other events. Yvonna’s agency comes highly recommended if you are looking for professional staffers or models for your booth and events.”


Hal Halpin, Founder and CEO ECA

           “We were fortunate enough to have Charisma+2 women support our recent PAX Prime booth in Seattle and I can’t say                 enough about them: positive, upbeat, knowledgeable, helpful, outgoing and professional. I commend Yvonna, and can,                  very  easily, recommend them.”


Kirte Kinser, Attorney/Mediator at Wright Ginsberg Brusilow P.C.

“I highly recommend Yvonna. She is an effective communicator, very knowledgeable and strives to make each of her clients feel special. She is probably the best I have ever seen in her position.”


Katie Casali, Valve Software

“The girls were awesome! Doug and everyone at Valve were very impressed. I will never use anyone else again. It was great having hostesses who not only worked incredibly hard following directions perfectly, but also knew about the games and truly enjoyed meeting our guests. Thank you so much.”


Kristen Long, Senior Producer, Greengrass Studios

“I had the pleasure of working with Yvonna Lynn on the Industry Giants interview segments for this year’s (2011) main event.Her beauty and professionalism are inspiring. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but her inner beauty and kindess create an atmosphere that puts everyone around her at ease.”


Raleigh Melancon, Sr., Manager Trade Shows & Events at SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.

“We are grateful we are to have hired Charisma+2 for our event at the Game Developers Convention in Austin. The C+2 gamer models were very professional, engaging, and a big hit at our corporate function. They really hit the mark and were also very helpful at the convention on the show floor. I would highly recommend Charisma+2 to anyone who would want to hire top-notch marketing representatives for any occasion. Their costumes were perfect with our retro-gaming theme and their personalities worked very well with our crowd. Our event was a huge success and I am very thankful for Charisma+2, the gamer models gave a lot of character to our event!”


Ray Almeda [LION], Editor in Chief – News, Advanced Media Inc

“Yvonna is a driven and incredibly opportunistic individual that achieves her success through optimism and sincere professionalism. She has fantasic work ethic and always seems to put a smile on the face of everyone she comes in contact with. Yvonna is also a wonderful on-camera personality and her likability is just one of the many things going for her. It was a pleasure working with her and I hope we can continue to nurture this strong relationship.”


Baltazar Soto, TN Games

“First off, Yvonna is way beyond a booth babe. She played the role of gamer, entertainer, and spokes model for TN Games at GDC 08. We hired Yvonna to showcase our gaming vest in a head-to-head competition (Yvonna vs. The World). We had never met in person prior to the show. After spending a few minutes with Yvonna, our entire team was blown away by her looks and personality. She connected with all the participants and her quick-witted sense of humor made the event more fun that we had expected. I enjoyed working with Yvonna and strongly recommend her…unless of course you wish to hire her for an event we plan on attending. In that case I call first dibs.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Quick Quotes:

Alison Stroll, 343 industries, Microsoft

The Charisma+2 talent was “was out of this world, stellar, fantastic. A real star”