Between 2007-2016 these were the services that Yvonna’s agency provided to almost every client in the gaming industry!

Charisma+2 has been contracted by game related clients to do more and more turnkey events. This increase in event planning came because we understand the unique needs of the gaming booth/event. Not only do we have insights into the unique mindset of the consumer base that most marketing and event planners do not grasp, we understand the logistical needs such as wattage needed to power gaming kiosks. We also have a nationwide network available for a widespread launch of a title complete with knowledgeable managers and video gaming booth models to give you a launch that supersedes all others.


You have invested great time and resources in your product. Why risk it by hiring models who know nothing about the industry, do not like gamers, and can not wait to leave your booth? Instead, choose Charisma+2 models for all your promotion, booth, in-game, and entry level dev work. Aside from playing video games with your potential clients, the tech savvy C+2 models are quick to learn about your product or service enhancing the quality of the demonstrations.

Charisma+2 provides outgoing, professional gamer models who average 13 years of gaming experience each. C+2 models have a wide range of genre and platform skillsets enabling seamless work with multiple developers.To have a beautiful model who shares the passion of your target market brings new levels of excitement and lasting impressions that surpass the fade of a snapshot.

Charisma+2 has professional full time actresses who do voice work, motion capture, and green screen shoots. Having models and actors who understand gaming is priceless in time, comprehension, and value to Directors.

Charisma+2 gamer models:

For Events:

The Charisma+2 models have been used for all kinds of events including non gaming events, such as the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, where they were contracted to play Guitar Hero with the attendees. Whether you need hostesses who can appreciate your game developer guest list at a party or provide gaming entertainment with gaming and non gaming clients, the C+2 talent is a sure win. There are also specialty talent with skills that range from parkours, martial arts, aerial acrobatics, pole dancing, and singing to stunt work and sharpshooting.


Seems we are being contacted frequently for entry level job positions. Please email Yvonna for recommendations based on each person’s strengths and expertise. Charisma+2 models have become employees of id Software, Gearbox software, and Microsoft to mention a few. Yvonna may be reached at

For booth work:

Ensure greater ROI through articulate and knowledgeable customer interaction about your product from attractive models who can double as product specialists and feature character models.


With VO and MoCap:

Gain precious time by speaking to talent who already understand the types of needs required in gaming. Simple common language terms such as “battle dialogue”, “quest giver”, or “fraged by a sniper” instantly give our gamer models the clues and context of your desired outcome.


For Print:

With a built in fan base and extensive online visibility, get an added bonus to hiring the C+2 models for photoshoots with your gaming related products including product packaging or advertising.


C+2 Services


Available services also include:

    • Product Demonstrator
    • Spokesmodel
    • Booth Staffing
    • Voice Acting
    • Motion Capture


  • Hostess
  • Hospitality Suite Staff
  • Language Interpreter
  • Awards Presenters
  • Cosplay and Costumed Talent