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 YVONNA LYNN acting resume 7.15

Languages: French and English fluently, Latin (6 years), some German, Spanish, Korean, and Apache though I tend to lose and regain my abilities quickly with the ones I don’t speak frequently.

Hobbies aside from Gaming: I have very little time for hobbies since creating Charisma+2, so this entry might be better labeled as fun facts instead. Graduating with 2 double majors in Psychology, Philosophy, English and Art, my favorite classes were Cultural & Human Experience and Philosophy of Religion. I used to road race motorcycles for Kawasaki (pictured in gallery to the left). A series of 10 photographs of my hands were displayed in the Louvre as a special exhibit along the wall where the information and ticket kiosk is. For relaxation, I write and draw (preferably in the same work of art). I take a class in something at least once a year to learn something new. Last year, I learned to sew. One year, I got my license in massage therapy. Next, I would like to take a more serious wine class and maybe cooking too. I have a proclivity for the Opera and Symphony since I was a very little girl hearing “The Magic Flute” but like dancing to techno, rap and pop. Growing up, I did Scottish highland dancing for 18 years. Yes, bagpipes and kilts are in my veins. Most of all though, I love to travel! My ethnicity is Mutt, specifically, Scottish, German, French, Basque, Cherokee, and Apache.

Gaming Experience Level:I play all genres at a recreational to expert level except RTS games at which I am abysmal though Halo Wars helped with that. I have competed in pro tourneys, but my focus is on having a blast, which I do as I easily play over 20 hours a week even with running Charisma+2. I am told I am fun to watch play games which is rather unusual since most people tend to look like zombies when I watch them. All I know is when I play, it’s a great time.

Modeling /Acting Experience: I have been modeling since I was 14. I became serious about it after school and got a contract to go to Europe for 3 months. I feel very fortunate because this 3 month contract turned into years of modeling full time in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The gallery to the left are some expamples of work I have done over the years though I frequently never saw the finished products of my work from having to move around to a new city before being published. One of my favorite modeling memories was running in the park one morning and unexpectedly saw a billboard I had shot for earlier. It was, however, the experiences of living in cities like Paris, Hong Kong, and Vienna amoung others that taught me invaluable lessons concerning the widest scope of people, cultures, and belief systems that now define my way of viewing the world. I acted extensively during that time as well, appearing in films with Richard Gere, Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Hurley and Danica McKeller. My single greatest privilege in film was learning from the late Robert Altman. He mentored me every day for the few months of filming Dr.T & the Women. Although not all my films are listed, you can see some of them on www.IMDB.com There are also more on my resume above.

Gaming Platforms: In March ’06, I built my first gaming PC. I also own 2 xbox 360 elites, xbox, PS3, PS2, wii, Game Cube, DS, GBA and am enjoying games on my iPad a lot. I used to be just a PC gamer, but find myself playing more and more console game because of my HDTVs.

Favorite Games: A favorites list includes (but is not exhaustive by any means) the God of War series, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Halo, Modern Warfare2, Dynasty Warriors series, Gears of War, Quake series, Animal Crossing, and anything Lego. My all time favorite FPS is probably Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but I had other addictions like the old standbys of the Halos and Unreal Tournament series of games (which was an unhealthy addiction for me for a little while). I can hardly wait for Diablo3 but as for WoW, I am still coming to terms with whether I trust myself with MMOs. I’ve tried several times ending in epic fails because I can’t stop.

Competition Gaming: My first tournament was as a top 5 finalist in the Miss Video Game event. I went on to compete in Halo3 at the Winter CPL tournament once even killing the ever so sweet and talented StrongSide of MLG as a high point of my day. I find I have no time to get competition-ready the larger Charisma+2 gets. I’m living my dream so I am ok with that. For me, it is thrilling to watching these C+2 models kick booty en force showing the gaming world that hot girl gamers do indeed exist in more than just dreams.



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